About Us

Hospitality Industry has a lot to worry about, Sourcing & Procurement will no longer be one of them. For the size that the Indian Hospitality Industry is, the B2B infrastructure for supplies for the myriad hospitality consumables & capital equipments is at best fragmented, insufficient & inadequate.

Freshville envisages to be a one-stop “HoReCa Procurement-&-Sourcing Platform” delivering exceptional value to both Customers and Suppliers alike. The platform aims at providing end-to-end strategic sourcing services leveraging IT & the collaborative power of the internet to provide the best products, at best prices & on time. Thus addressing the urgent & critical need of the Indian hospitality Industry to have dedicated, professional, reliable and cost-consistent suppliers, making purchases a well-organised process.

Beyond being smarter, efficient and cost-effective, the procurement platform visualizes immense organizational benefits as well:

  • By creating a smarter procurement-function, transforming it to a cost-saving centre rather than a cost-centre
  • Delivering Streamlined Store & Purchase Operations
    • Efficient order management through an e-enabled ordering system
    • Efficient supply-chain management with order tracking status, etc.
  • Delivering a better value chain in procuring “consumables to capital goods” by sourcing directly from the best
    • Cost-Consistent & Profitable Procurement
    • FSSAI compliant Quality
    • Regular & Timely-Delivery
  • Superlative Management Transparency / Control by enhanced & streamlined Corporate Purchase Management tools e.g.
    • Enterprise-wide Corporate Account Management Suite for Purchase Departments
    • Requisition Management for both, Purchase & User Departments
    • Real-time Inventory / Par Stock (connected to PoS & Stores)
    • Accounting MIS
    • Management MIS - Advanced analytics & real-time reporting on cost-compliances, savings, etc.
    • Making Real-Time Audits Possible - Since all data is real-time
    • Note: some of the features mentioned above, like Corporate Account Management, maybe under-development and hence not available at the moment; and will be available soon
  • Delivers a FSSAI Standards-Compliant Supply-Chain Network and hence protects organizations from unwarranted scrutinies
  • Continual process of benchmarking and identification of new suppliers/products for an improved, streamlined and cost-efficient portfolio

But our services aren’t just about processes. They are about providing the collaboration, support, people, tools and time to our clients so that together we achieve more.